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Introducing our acclaimed Fall/Winter 2020 collection.
ESCADA is a heritage brand designed by women for women. This new season marks the start of us reclaiming certain categories that we once owned, such as strong, bold use of colour and print, modern tailoring, luxurious fabrics, embellishment and strong silhouettes. It's maximal dressing (classic ESCADA) offered in a new modern way, with clothes that feel empowering yet comfortable. Think easy lounge wear shapes, sumptuous shearling and evening gowns with enough room to breath that hang elegantly from golden necklaces. #EscadaNow #EscadaOfficial

House of Escada Circus Bezerkus Ball w/ Dominique Jackson | Legendary HBO Max Season 1

Escada's Circus Bezerkus BTS (Single Camera Shot) ►

Circus Bezerkus Playlist: ►\u0026list=PLeCIHN0cRWK24_abC0aTXD4KrbtNocaM7

Escada Playlist ►\u0026list=PLeCIHN0cRWK2GYwhz97G6qaBN4Gq-KwY6

Challenge: Choreograph and perform a "Circus Bezerkus" themed group showcase

House of Escada's performance is an apocalypse-themed circus freak show, where each member is a different freak riddled with radiation.

House of Escada:
Mother London Escada (London Fleur De Lis) ►
Jazzul Escada ►
Shyanne Escada ►
Twilight Escada (Justin Bourque) ►
Yyoyo Escada ►

Legendary is a voguing reality competition web series, exploring the world of ball culture. It premiered on HBO Max on May 27, 2020. The series follows LGBT house members - predominantly from eight houses - as they navigate through nine balls (dancing/voguing/walking events), with a $100,000 prize for the winning house. In July 2020, HBO Max renewed the series for a second season. Source: Wikipedia

Along with regular judges Leiomy Maldonado, Law Roach, Megan Thee Stallion and Jameela Jamil, the guest judge for this episode was actress/model Dominique Jackson. She's most notably known for the television show Pose, respectively. Dominique enjoyed the performance so much, she got involved as an Emcee for a hot second. Master of Ceremonies was Dashaun Wesley.

Casting for Season 2 open. More info on how to apply ►

Theme and music for the show composed by MikeQ, James Blake and Ash B. ►

Costume/Styling for ALL of the ballroom looks by Johnny Wujek and Eric Archibald \u0026 Head of Makeup was La Sonya Gunter

Legendary on Instagram ►
HBO Max on YouTube ►
HBO Max on Twitter ►
HBO Max on Facebook ►

All clips belong to HBO Max

#LegendaryMax #Vogue #HBOMax

ESCADA COLLECTION Spring Summer 2000 Milan - Fashion Channel

ESCADA COLLECTION Spring Summer 2000 Milan - Fashion Channel





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Fashion Channel shows new interesting videos continuous flow.





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